Allan Gardens Conservatory - Toronto, Ontario

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

There is nothing I love more than discovering new places. This week I had two new discovery wins -  1. The Allen Garden Conservatory in Toronto, and 2. Piper and Scoot, an online boutique. The lush greenery at the conservatory had me caught up in some major spring vibes, making my visit the perfect opportunity to wear this maxi dress from Piper and Scoot (I'm wearing an xs)! Head over to the boutique’s website to see all of their pretty spring clothes, home decor, and to read their sweet story.

The Allan Gardens Conservatory is made up of four different climatized greenhouses. The Cool Temperate House features Camellias and Jasmine, the Palm House dome shelters a thriving collection of varied palms, bananas and tropical vines with drifts of brilliantly coloured seasonal plants! The Tropical Landscape House offers lush exotics such as cycads, gingers, hibiscus and a green jade vine, and the Arid House is home to a large display of unusual cacti and succulents including collections of agave, opuntia, haworthia and aloe. The Arid House was so picturesque and was my favorite of the four! I could have wandered around the conservatory for hours, it was so pretty and relaxing. The Allan Gardens Conservatory is a perfect for a girl’s outing or a fun trip with the kids, and I highly suggest making a visit if you can, admission is free!