5 Best House Plants for the Jet-Setter

It's no secret that I LOVE plants! However, over the years I have learned which plants suit my lifestyle (meaning which ones I can keep alive) and which do not. I don't typically leave home for more than two weeks so I need plants that can go at least two weeks without being watered.  I have done a round up of my top 5 go-to house plants for those who travel! 

1. SNAKE PLANT: The first plant I ever had in my home was a Snake Plant. My sister bought it for me as a house warming gift and I still have it! They are very low maintnance and can go weeks without water. 

2. CITRUS TREE: Okay, so my lemon tree is not very impressive. I got it as a gift and it was super tiny, I've had it for two years now and its doubled in size but it's still very small.  I have gone weeks without watering it and it's still growing and looks healthy. One of these days it will produce lemons, but in the meantime it still looks great!

3. SUCCULENTS: Succulents are the hardiest house plants out there. There are so many different varieties and they are so easy to mix and match.  The easiest way to kill them is over-watering.  I only water mine once a month and I haven't killed one in a few years. These adorable geometric shaped planters are from Oak & Oats (you can shop them here.)

4. BIRDS OF PARADISE: I'm on my second birds of paradise plant and what I have learned (from my first one dying) is that they don't need much water. I water mine about every three weeks.  I left it outside under a covered porch this summer so it got lots of sunlight but the rain couldn't reach it and it's been happy and healthy. 

5. FIDDLE LEAF TREE: These trees are all the rage these days and with their gorgeous giant leaves it's no surprise why. I would say that out of all of these plants the fiddle leaf tree is the most temperamental.  I give mine two cups of water ever two weeks.  In the winter time I noticed that some of it's leaves were getting brown spots and it had no new growth so I gave it there cups and it grew better.  Over the summer I went back to two cups and it's doing well.